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Take a walk on the wild side – 4 adventures to take in Finland

Far out in the north, in the wilderness of our rooked nature, await adventures you haven’t perhaps even dreamed of. A wolf howls at the moon and the bears roar while the midnight sun still sheds its light upon the forests and lakes.

I promise you this, there is no place quite like Finland.


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Finnish Archipelago

Summer is coming! - 5 Best Things to do in Finland

As spring arrives, the sun is warming up the Nordic landscape, flowers and plants are growing and blooming again and days are long and bright. Summer has almost reached our Nordic little country. Finland lives and breaths to the rhythm of four season. Now it is the time to get ready for the endless days, picnics in the park and hundreds of festival and events that are taking place in the summertime.

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It's time for Finland's most spectacular parade - Vappu

First of May, Labor Day, May Day or Vappu as we Finns call it, is the biggest parade of the year in Finland. Vappu Day is dedicated to Finnish work, students and to celebrate the spring after long winter. All over the country people are having Vappu picnics, marches and singalongs. Balloons, funny customs and graduation caps are essential part of this spring festival.


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Sibelius Finland Experience offers cultural deep dive

Sibelius Finland Experience is one of the most popular ways to explore and feel Finnish culture. This one hour live music experience is showcasing the great Finnish Composer Jean Sibelius work and now also presented in Great Railway Journeys by  BBC and Michael Portillo. 

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How to spend a winter day in Helsinki?

When the celsius drop far below zero, the sun comes out to play in the late morning and the sea is completely frozen – some might want to stay home under warm blankets, but us Finns find it the best time of the year to go enjoy some outdoor activities.

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Helsinki Winter Day
Butts of Helsinki Walking Tour

In Helsinki you can do a butt tour

You heard me right

Over here in Helsinki we have an entire tour dedicated to the human backside.

Why, you may ask? Because we our so committed to doing our squats?

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What is life like in the northernmost zoo of the world?

Once a travel agent in Australia told me there’s polar bears roaming around the streets of Helsinki in winter – Little did she know that I was a local just trying to figure out how Finland was sold to international travellers...

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The Allas Seapool in front of the Precidential Palace and Kauppatori

Eight Reasons to Fall in Love with Helsinki


Up here in the far north by the Baltic Sea lives some of the happiest people in the world. Put aside the cold dark winters, there’s something incredibly unique in the Finnish capital of Helsinki. Home to just over half a million inhabitants, the city was ranked as one of the world’s top 10 most livable cities last year.

What is it that makes Helsinki so attractive to more and more travellers?

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