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What is life like in the northernmost zoo of the world?

Once a travel agent in Australia told me there’s polar bears roaming around the streets of Helsinki in winter – Little did she know that I was a local just trying to figure out how Finland was sold to international travellers.

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Polar Bears
German Schepard

The Raw Truth...

Well, I hate to break it to you. There are polar bears in Finland, but unfortunately not roaming wild – but as wild as they possibly can, in an environment as natural as ever possible – in Ranua, the northernmost zoo in the world. Ranua is not only home to polar bears though, but also other northern arctic creatures living in their natural habitat in the picturesque forests of Lapland. You’ll get to meet the arctic fox, brown bear, fish otter, wolves, moose and many more. Oh, and my personal favourite, the snowy owl – how cute are those things? I mean, I’ve heard they’ll rip your eye out if you try to cuddle, but totally adorable
admired from a distance.

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The Owls

Ranua Wildlife Park is located one-hour drive from the town of Rovaniemi in an Arctic forest. In the summer you can see the nature bustling with life. You’ll be picked up from your
hotel with a minivan or a small bus depending on the size of your group, and then taken to an unforgettable adventure with comfort. After admiring the wildlife, you’ll enjoy a tasty buffet lunch and if time allows, visit a delicious Fazer sweets and souvenir shop before departure. The commitment to caring for endangered species.


Wildlife parks sure are popular tourist attractions, but the heart and soul of Ranua is the
commitment to caring for endangered animal species and educating visitors about wildlife
protection and how they can be a part of it too.
The Ranua Wildlife Park team is specialised in northern and arctic animal species, which are
also the main target in their protection work.

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Ranua Owl in Wildlife
Polar Bears in Ranua Wildlife Park

Climate Change

Climate change has unfortunately affected the living areas of some of these beautiful creatures. Global warming affects us all – humans, polar bears, arctic foxes, owls and ox. We
are all in this together.

Read more about the protection of arctic wildlife in The Ranua Wildlife Park here. Anyone finding a lost or hurt wild animal in the nature can bring it to the Ranua Wildlife
Park for care and nursing. Along the years Ranua Wildlife Park has cared for over 90 different wild animals of various species.

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Plan your visit to The Ranua Wildlife Park

You have the option to spend a day at the park or stay overnight. But mind you, there is actually an option to stay in an igloo.
The park will take care of your hotel pick-up and drop-off. You have the option to have a guide in English, Finnish or Spanish.
See all the options for an unforgettable trip at the park here.

What's included?

● Hotel pickup & drop off
● Transportation during your journey
● Professional English speaking guide
● Ranua zoo entrance tickets
● Buffet lunch
● Non-alcoholic beverages

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Ranua Wildlife Park offers also Premium Accomendation
Ranua Wildlife Park Offers Awesome Opportunities for Wildlife Adventures

Please note

● All tours listed are for a minimum of 2 persons paying a full (adult) price, unless
mentioned otherwise..
● The tour is family friendly.
● Small group tour
● Year round guaranteed daily departures
● An easygoing experience - no special skills required!

What do I need to bring?
● Sturdy shoes
● Waterproof/windproof jacket and comfortable pants
● Gloves, scarf and head-wear (if needed)
● Warm comfortable outdoor clothing (in winter time)
● Drinking water

Find out more about the tour and book your adventure in Ranua Wildlife Park here.

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